Video now available for ‘Bearing Witness? – Humanities teaching in times of environmental catastrophe’

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The entire world is currently bearing witness to the ‘demise or death of what we love’ due to the effects of the climate crisis. But what do our environmental educators who have dedicated their lives to learning about and teaching, while at the same time witnessing, this catastrophic phenomenon, have to say about impact of ecological anxiety on students? In …

Past Presidents’ Perspectives: Never stop learning, and giving, says Prof Malcolm Gillies

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Today, on the 52nd anniversary of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, we are introducing a new monthly feature in which we reconnect with many of our past Presidents. It’s a chance to cast our minds back, learn lessons from the past; weigh up the current state of the humanities; and consider how, as a collective, we can address some …

Australian Academy of the Humanities Media Release

New Academy President to champion Humanities’ role in tackling climate change

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The newly-elected President of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, Professor Lesley Head FASSA FAHA, believes the humanities will play as significant a role as the sciences in addressing the biggest global challenge of our time, the earth’s warming. Professor Head is one of Australia’s leading researchers whose work focusses on human-environment relations, both prehistoric and contemporary. She brings with …

Australian Academy of the Humanities Media Release

Announcing new Academy President

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Professor Joy Damousi FASSA FAHA was elected President of the Australian Academy of the Humanities on 18 November. Professor Damousi is one of Australia’s preeminent historians. She is a leading expert on memory and the aftermaths of war, the history of emotions, and migration history in relation to refugees, humanitarianism and internationalism. In 2014 she was awarded the prestigious Australian …