Sponsoring our symposia

Our annual Symposium is the premier event for the Australian humanities community — celebrating the richness, diversity and impact of work in the humanities. As a public event, it brings together a large cross-section our Fellows, eminent scholars, early career researchers, government, education, peak bodies, industry, special interest groups, and the community.

We offer a range of sponsorship opportunities for institutions and organisations wishing to partner with us. Sponsors are selected based on shared values and interests, and their ability to further promote Symposium to broad national and international audience.

Principal Sponsor

Principal Sponsors receive exclusive hosting rights, promotion and media opportunities. They also receive complimentary registrations and invitations to key Academy events.

Associate Sponsor

Associate Sponsors enjoy complimentary registrations to all events, and acknowledgement all promotional communciations.

Destination Sponsor

Destination Sponsors allows us to host Symposia at a range of unique and culturally important locations around Australia, as well as promoting tourism and local attractions.

Media Partner

Our Media Partners receive embargoed opportunities and granted exclusive interviews with Convenors, Principal Sponsors, program speakers, and the Academy. They also receive a complimentary media pass.