Early Career Researcher Poster Program

A key feature of this year’s program will be the Early Career Researcher (ECR) Poster Program, an excellent opportunity to showcase some of the most dynamic and innovative research by the next-generation of humanities scholars. From a competitive field of applications from around Australia, we are delighted to announce the following ECRs will be presenting their research throughout the Symposium program:

Dr Fadila Boutouchent (Visiting Associate Professor at Macquarie University and University of Regina, Canada) and Dr Aïcha Benimmas (Université de Moncton, Canada)Canadian Perspectives on Immigration in Small Cities: Case study from Moncton City

Dr Georgia Curran, University of SydneyCross-cultural negotiation in the production a Warlpiri women’s yawulyu DVD

Lauren Dundler, Macquarie UniversityHistory Belongs to the Highest Bidder – The internet antiquities market

Widyan Fares, University of SydneySatellite Resistance: The Australian Shiite community’s reception of Al Manar and the re-construction of Shiite identity

Rebecca Hausler, University of QueenslandFriends, Enemies, Strangers: Fiction that looks back to explore the present

Belinda Hopper, Macquarie UniversityThe Role of Fiction in Creating Understanding Between Cultures

Dr Michael Richardson, UNSW SydneyDrone Wars: Artistic responses to technological violence

Cris Townley, UNSW SydneyCross Cultural Encounters in Playgroups: Spaces of belonging, support and identity

About the image

‘European Thousand-Armed Classical Sculpture’ by Xu Zhen (MadeIn), 2014. Appears courtesy of the artist and White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney.