European Thousand-Armed Classical Sculpture

Fusing Western gods and heroes with Buddhist iconography, nineteen statues — including Athena Parthenos, Zeus, Hercules, Odysseus, the crucified Christ and the Statue of Liberty — are in a variety of poses and lined up so when viewed from the front, they resemble a ‘thousand-armed’ Guanyin, a Buddhist symbol of compassion. White Rabbit Gallery

The Academy is grateful for artist Xu Zhen (MadeIn) 徐震 and Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery’s permission to use European Thousand-Armed Classical Structure as this year’s Symposium image.

Xu Zhen’s 2013-14 sculpture uses nineteen statues chosen on the basis of their arm positions, copied from the originals in all-white, and rescaled to the same 3-metre height.

The White Rabbit Gallery is located in Chippendale, Sydney and exhibits works from one of the world’s largest and most significant collections of contemporary Chinese art. 

Photos courtesy of the White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney.