Culture, Nature, Climate: Humanities and the Environmental Crisis

The 52nd Annual Academy Symposium

15-19 November 2021 

The connected crises of climate change and biodiversity decline pose a multitude of threats to humanity. With the scale of the challenge demanding both the attention and collaborative endeavour of experts across the research sector, the 52nd Annual Symposium will examine the insights and solutions the humanities and arts can bring to these critical issues.

The Symposium will showcase ideas from established and emerging scholars from many disciplines – not only from the field of environmental humanities, but also researchers with expertise in ethics, justice, emotions, ethical technology, art and design, cross-cultural analysis and linguistics whose work offers a new lens on the social and cultural dimensions of the climate crisis. Speakers will also consider how the humanities disciplines might need to adapt to be more effective in a volatile world where the category ‘human’ is being re-examined in the context of the Anthropocene and the ‘more-than-human’.

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Warming Stripes for Australia from 1901–2019, Ed Hawkins, University of Reading