What future is there for the past?
How do we ensure that new technologies enhance human flourishing?
How do we create more liveable cities through civic cultures?
What does the future have in store for the humanities, and what can the humanities offer the future?

Select presentations and podcasts will be made available soon. 

The 50th Academy Symposium and free public events were held 13-15 November 2019 at venues around South Bank, Brisbane. 

The theme for the Symposium was ‘Humanising the Future’.

Powerful versions of millennial futures have excited, reassured and terrified populations for centuries. Today’s grand narrative of the age of robots, artificial intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution is framed both in terms of existential threat and revolutionary transformation.

The Academy’s 50th annual Symposium will explore the human dynamics by which the future has been imagined and brought into being; ask whether we can humanise the digital future; how we can build smart cultural cities; and consider prospects for the human, and the post-human, in our current epoch, the Anthropocene. See the full program and speakers.

This event was open to all and bought together perspectives from philosophy and ethics, history, classics, languages and linguistics, urban planning, museology, architecture, cultural studies, musicology, and the creative and cultural industries.

Program convenors

The 50th Symposium was being convened by Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham AM FAcSS FAHA (Queensland University of Technology), Professor Jean Burgess (Queensland University of Technology’s Digital Media Research Centre), Professor Mark Finnane FASSA FAHA (Griffith University) and Associate Professor Elizabeth Stephens (University of Queensland).

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