Publication subsidies

Our Publication Subsidy Scheme supports quality scholarly publication in the humanities. Subsidies of up to $3000 are awarded to support costs associated with publication, such as illustrations, maps and copyright fees.

Since 1970 the scheme has supported 303 scholars.

Sir Frederick and Peter White Fund

The Sir Frederick and Peter White Fund is a $500 subsidy to support archaeological publications. Applicants can apply to the Fund for a stand-alone subsidy or in addition to the maximum $3000 available through the Publication Subsidy Scheme. The Fund runs every four years and will be open again in 2022.

“My Publication Subsidy helped to richly illustrate my book ‘Hidden In Plain View: The Aboriginal People of Coastal Sydney’ (Newsouth Books, 2017). Nowadays, apart from promoting the book, I am working as a heritage consultant and historian, assisting with the research and interpretation of Aboriginal history for a range of projects.” Dr Paul Irish, 2016 recipient
“My Publication Subsidy provided vital support for my book ‘Anti-War Theatre After Brecht: Dialectical aesthetics in the twenty-first century’ (Palgrave, 2016). The funds provided by the Academy to early career scholars are important for ensuring that the work scholars do during their PhDs is not wasted and can be shared globally via major publishers.” Dr Lara Stevens, 2015 recipient

Eligibility & how to apply

Applications for the 2019 round of the Publication Subsidy Scheme will open Thursday 28 February and close 5:00pm AEST Monday 15 April 2019.

Please review the Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions prior to applying.

Scheme conditions

  • Examples of items subsided under the scheme include illustrations, maps, copyright fees, printing of colour images.
  • Items not subsided under the scheme include works of a purely commercial nature (the Academy only supports works of a scholarly nature), second and later editions, Festschriften collection of writings published in honour of a scholar, publications for which the publisher is able to make provision for upfront author’s royalties or other upfront payments, research assistance, editorial work, translation, preparation of indices, travel and accommodation, shipping, royalties and/or other expenses deemed ineligible by the Awards Committee.
  • Recipients must make suitable acknowledgement of the Academy’s assistance in any resulting publication, either through the use of the Academy logo or a statement acknowledging the grant.
  • Recipients are required to provide a complimentary copy of the publication to the Academy upon publication.
  • Funds will be made available only upon receipt of a proof copy of the acknowledgements page of the publication, showing acknowledgement of the Academy’s assistance; and receipt of an invoice and a concise acquittal report detailing how the subsidy was used.
  • Funds will be paid in Australian dollars. If payment in another currency is requested, all costs associated with currency conversion and international transmission will be deducted from the award.
  • Recipients will have up to 2 years from the date of the award to claim the subsidy. Those who do not make use of the subsidy before the 2 years have lapsed will be invited to reapply for a subsidy in respect of the same publication.
  • Where applicants have applied for a subsidy elsewhere, it is a requirement that the Academy is advised as soon as the outcome is known. Where the applicant is granted a subsidy from other sources, the applicant must demonstrate that the Academy subsidy is still required. The use of all subsidies must be detailed in the applicant’s acquittal report.
  • The Academy reserves the right to recoup funds if the Rules of the Award have not been met or the funds have not been expended within the required timeframe.


Key eligibility requirements:

  • Applicants must be Citizens or Permanent Residents of the Commonwealth of Australia, whose principal place of residence is Australia.
  • The publication to be subsidised should focus on a topic in the humanities, defined as those discipline areas for which the Academy is responsible: Archaeology; Asian Studies; Classical Studies; English; European Languages and Cultures; History; Linguistics; Philosophy and the History of Ideas; Religion; Cultural and Communication Studies; and The Arts.
  • Interdisciplinary work is encouraged, provided it includes a substantial proportion of work in the humanities.
  • Applications will be accepted from independent scholars as well as those working in institutional settings.
  • The Academy will accept one (1) resubmission from a previously unsuccessful applicant in respect of the same publication.
  • Recipients may receive funding under this scheme not more than twice in their careers.
  • Monographs are preferred to edited collections. However, edited collections that demonstrate a clear scholarly achievement or relevance will be considered.

Selection criteria

Applications will be assessed in regard to:

  • Their academic rigour, their likely impact within a specialist academic community, and their potential to advance knowledge of the humanities within the wider community.
  • Preference will be given to scholars in the early stages of their careers and relative to opportunity.

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