Our Publication Subsidy Scheme supports quality scholarly publication in the humanities. Subsidies of up to $3000 are awarded to early career researchers to support costs associated with publication, such as illustrations, maps, editorial work and copyright fees.

Since 1970 the scheme has supported 303 scholars.

Sir Frederick and Peter White Fund

The Sir Frederick and Peter White Fund is a $500 subsidy to support archaeological publications. Applicants can apply to the Fund for a stand-alone subsidy or in addition to the maximum $3000 available through the Publication Subsidy Scheme. The Fund runs every four years and will be open again in 2022.

Congratulations to our 2019 recipients 

We congratulate the following recipients and are proud to support their projects:

Professor Bain Attwood, Monash University  Claiming Possession: Sovereignty, Property and the Making of Native Title in a Colonial World, Cambridge University Press

Dr Fiona Crawford, Queensland University of Technology Never Say Die: The Hundred-Year Overnight Success of Australian Women’s Football, NewSouth Books

Dr Elisa deCourcy, The Australian National University  Empire, Early Photography and Spectacle: The Global Career of Showman Daguerreotypist J.W. Newland, Bloomsbury Academic, UK

Dr Jocelyn Hargrave, Monash University  The Evolution of Editorial Style in Early Modern England, Palgrave Macmillan

Dr Ted Nannicelli, The University of Queensland  Artistic Creation and Ethical Criticism, Oxford University Press

Dr Camilla Norman, The University of Sydney  People of Daunia: Voicing the Statue-stelae, The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (UCLA)

Dr Katrina Stats, The University of Adelaide  The Australian Way: Australia’s Responses to Asylum Seekers in Historical Perspective, Wakefield Press

Dr Myfany Turpin, The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney  Women’s Ceremonial Designs from Willowra, Central Australia; Yawulyu-kurlu: Kuruwarri mardukuja-mardukuja-kurlangu Wirliyajarrayi-wardingki-kirlangu, Aboriginal Studies Press / Bruderlin MacLean Publishing Services

Eligibility & how to apply

Applications will open February 2020 for the next round of the Publication Subsidy Scheme.

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