Our Insight Report series

Providing high-level insights on cultural activity investment, participation and impact in Australia.

Our evidence-based series of Insight Reports explores why and how governments, philanthropists, communities, businesses and individuals invest in arts and culture; what benefits and impacts this generates; and how we can ensure this investment is relevant and effective. Our reports provide data analysis, expert commentary and evidence-based recommendations that are not bound by government, jurisdiction, funding mechanism or artform.

We hope our reports contribute to public and private conversations about:

  • What is art and culture for, and its public value.
  • Opportunities for Australia’s cultural polices and investments to become more effective.
  • Informed decision making by governments, the arts and culture sector, and investors.

Key audiences for our research work include:

  • Elected representatives and officials across all levels of government.
  • Arts and culture sector, including creators and cultural institutions and organisations.
  • Funders and investors, including commercial and philanthropic organisations.
  • Research and education sector seeking fresh perspectives and latest data.
  • People who are curious about the impacts and benefits of participating in arts and culture.

Report series

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