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ANA’s pre-Federal Budget Submission (31 January 2020)

Cultural workers can roll up sleeves to heal our charred communities (The Australian, 20 January 2020)

Increase arts budgets to improve school performance, healthcare and exports, says Rupert Myer (The Australian, 2 December 2019)

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Independent collective, A New Approach release second report (Creative Partnerships Australia, 29 November 2019)

Canberrans who engage in cultural or creative activities are happier, healthier and less lonely  (WIN News Canberra, 26 November 2019)

New report reveals impacts of arts and culture on aging, health, learning, jobs and loneliness (Australian Academy of the Humanities, 26 November 2019)

Donations, sponsorship of the arts in Australia hit $608 million, says Creative Partnerships Australia (The Australian, 19 November 2019)

President’s Column citing Insight Report 1 (Australian Local Government Association, 6 October 2019)

New report shows decline in arts funding over past decade (Books + Publishing, 1 October 2019)

Government arts spending drops (Government News, 1 October 2019)

Federal arts funding in Australia is falling, and local governments are picking up the slack (The Conversation, 30 September 2019)

A new study puts councils’ contribution to arts and culture at 26.2 per cent of the national total (Institute of Public Works and Engineering, 18 September 2019)

Arts news — what even is a museum? (ABC Radio National Arts Program, 11 September 2019)

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Riding the Waves of Culture (The Australian, 10 September 2019)

Cultural snapshot reveals diminishing investment (opinion piece by Kate Fielding, The Australian, 10 September 2019)

New report presents the big picture on government arts and culture funding (Australian Academy of the Humanities, 10 September 2019)

Culture think tank gears up with new team (The Australian, 15 May 2018)

Leading researchers appointed to Australian arts and culture think tank (Australian Academy of the Humanities, 10 May 2019)

Rupert Myer to lead new advisory group for Australian arts and culture think tank (Australian Academy of the Humanities, 13 April 2019)

Arts sector leader appointed Program Director (Australian Academy of the Humanities, 13 November 2017)

A New Approach announced for the arts in Australia (ArtsHub, 9 August)

Announcing ‘A New Approach’ program for arts and culture (Australian Academy of the Humanities, 8 August 2017)