Championing commitment
to Australia’s cultural future

A New Approach is an independent think tank championing effective investment and return in Australian arts and culture.

A New Approach believes that when it comes to culture, we all contribute to—and benefit from—our shared cultural confidence.

Even great ideas need champions. A New Approach recognises that without an independent voice leading a broad and accessible conversation about the benefits of investing in a rich creative and cultural life, Australia risks missing out.

Our ambition is to strengthen bipartisan, business and wider community support for arts and culture through a research and advocacy program. A New Approach wants to ensure opportunities are seized for the better realisation of the economic, social, cultural and personal benefits that Australian arts and cultural activities provide.

To ensure the opportunities are clear A New Approach is investigating, capturing and sharing data and stories regarding:

  • The diverse benefits of arts and cultural activity.
  • Why and how public funding and private investment decisions are made.
  • Current and potential approaches to public and private investment in cultural activity and assets.
  • The consequences and costs of not investing in arts and culture.

The evidence-driven advocacy that emerges from this new approach aims to increase the prospects of:

People who live in and visit all parts of Australia having opportunity to experience, enjoy and value everyday cultural experiences;

Our elected representatives and their advisors having access to relevant, independent research and evidence to ensure public investment across Australia in arts and culture is effective, confident, responsible, fair and globally competitive;

Australia’s vibrant creators and researchers, cultural institutions and organisations operating in a public environment which recognises and invests in the benefits of cultural activity and celebrates creative achievements;

Private investors—including philanthropic, corporate and cultural entrepreneurs—having easier access to rigorous and contemporary information about the benefits of effective investment in arts and culture in Australia.

About us

A New Approach is an independent think tank championing effective investment and return in Australian arts and culture.

A New Approach was established in 2018 and is supported by a $1.65M commitment by The Myer Foundation, the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and the Keir Foundation.  A New Approach is based at the Australian Academy of the Humanities in Canberra.

Arts and cultural sector leader, advocate, and strategist Kate Fielding is the Program Director.

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