Past Trendall Lectures

‘More celebrated than actually known’: Sir John Soane’s Greek vases
Professor Tyler Jo Smith, University of Virginia, USA
18 May 2015, Melbourne
What makes a Roman Goddess? Ovid, the Empress, and female apotheosis in Rome
Emeritus Professor Carole Newlands, University of Colorado, USA
28 January 2015, Adelaide
The gleam through the arch: Homer’s world revisited
Emeritus Professor Trevor Bryce FAHA
9 October 2014, Brisbane
Individuality and innovation in Greek sculpture
Professor Andrew Stewart
18 January 2013, Sydney
Homer and Plato
Professor Richard Hunter FAHA
22 February 2012, Sydney
Anecdote apophthegm and the ‘real’ Alexander
Professor Brian Bosworth FAHA
13 October 2009, Newcastle
Beyond the stereotypes
Professor Majella Franzmann FAHA
29 November 2007, Sydney
How women (re)act in Roman love poetry
Professor Barbara K. Gold
31 January 2006, Hobart
It’s in the post
Professor Pauline Allen FAHA
20 September 2005, Brisbane
From Greece to Rome via southern Italy
Dr Andrew Burnett
16 March 2004, Sydney
Pylades, pantomime and the preservation of tragedy
Emeritus Professor John Jory
Sophocles: The first thousand years
Professor Emerita Patricia Easterling
Excavating and interpreting the Governor’s Palace, Acropolis, Jebel Khalid
Emeritus Professor Graeme Clarke AO FAHA
Comic cuts: Snippets of action on the Greek comic stage
Professor Richard Green
The baroque style in Magna Graecia: Some Important representatives of Apulian vase-painting in the 4th Century BC
Professor Alexander Cambitoglou FAHA
Wealthy Corinth
Dr Elizabeth Pemberton
24 November 1998, London