• Neil Levy
  • fellow
  • Professor Neil Levy FAHA
  • Fellow Type: Fellow
  • Elected to the Academy: 2017
  • Section: Philosophy and History of Ideas

  • Biography:
  • Neil Levy is a philosopher renowned for his work at the intersection of ethics and the philosophy of mind. His work interprets developments in neuroscience in relation to our traditional, non-scientific ways of speaking about agency and moral responsibility. Professor Levy received a PhD in continental philosophy in 1995 and a second PhD in analytic philosophy in 2006.

    Neil's career has been characterised not only by a vast output of high quality research, but also by service to both the academic community and the general public. He has received five Australia Research Council grants, as well as funding from the Templeton Foundation and the Wellcome Trust and has explained complex philosophical ideas in popular press articles in Libération, The Telegraph, The Independent, and The Conversation.

    He holds a joint appointment at Macquarie University and the University of Oxford’s Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. The impact of Levy’s work was recognised in 2009 with the Australian Museum’s Eureka Award for Research in Ethics.

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