• Jeff Siegel
  • fellow
  • Emeritus Professor Jeff Siegel FAHA
  • Fellow Type: Fellow
  • Elected to the Academy: 2013
  • Section: Linguistics

  • Biography:
  • Jeff Siegel is Adjunct Professor at the University of New England and has an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Hawaii and a PhD in Linguistics from the Australian National University.

    His main areas of research have been the processes involved in the development of language contact varieties, and the use of pidgins, creoles and unstandardised dialects in formal education. He has worked specifically on Melanesian Pidgin, Hawaii Creole, Pidgin Fijian and Pidgin Hindustani and was the foundation director of the Charlene Sato Centre for Pidgin, Creole and Dialect Studies at the University of Hawaii (2002-04).

    More recently he has moved into the area of language documentation, working on Nama, a language of Southern New Guinea. Jeff has also been an External Fellow at Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies (Freiburg, Germany) periodically from 2008-12.

    His most recent books are The Emergence of Pidgin and Creole Languages (2008) and Second Dialect Acquisition (2010).

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