Our expertise

The Academy represents eleven fields of humanities research and teaching. Our Fellows are leading scholars and practitioners in these areas.

  • Archaeology

    The systematic study of the human past through the recovery and analysis of material remains.

  • Asian Studies

    The study of Asian languages, cultures and societies.

  • Classical Studies

    The study of the languages, literature, thought, history, art and civilisations of the ancient Mediterranean world

  • Cultural and Communication Studies

    The study of cultural practices and communications media in their social and political contexts.

  • English

    The study, evaluation, and interpretation of literature in the English language in its cultural and historical context.

  • European Languages and Cultures

    The study of European languages, cultures, people and heritage.

  • History

    The study of past events relating to places, peoples and individuals

  • Linguistics

    The systematic study of the world’s languages in their many aspects, including sounds, words and grammar, and the relation of language to culture and society.

  • Philosophy and History of Ideas

    The study of ultimate reality, the source of value, and limits of knowledge as well as the change of human ideas over time.

  • Religion

    The study of the world’s religions: their histories, beliefs, rituals, texts and institutions.

  • The Arts

    The study of the traditions and practices of the creative and performing arts including painting and visual art, architecture, music, theatre, and dance.