Launching Humanities Australia No. 11

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We are delighted to launch the 11th edition of Humanities Australia in what has been a long and tumultuous year for so many of us here and around the world.

Established in 2010, Humanities Australia is the Academy’s flagship journal, showcasing some of the outstanding research and writing being carried out by our Fellows. It is not only an essential part of our commitment to supporting and communicating excellence in the humanities, but also a demonstration of the value and strength of the humanities in facing human issues.

“The articles in Humanities Australia have always, by their very nature, addressed topics of relevance to this country” said Academy Editor Emeritus Professor Graham Tulloch FAHA. “It so happens that a number of articles in this edition address issues that have been particularly prominent over the course of the year, either through considering contemporary events or through the lens of other places and times.”

The articles in this year’s edition cover a vast array of important topics, including explorations of how the authorities and the public handle restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia’s treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, and the destruction of the Indigenous heritage site of Juukan Gorge and police protection of the statue of James Cook in Hyde Park in the face of attacks.

In addition to articles by our Fellows, this edition also features edited versions of several our key lectures including the annual Academy Lecture, the Trendall Lecture and the Hancock lecture offering readers an accessible platform to engage with these addresses.

We hope that you enjoy reading the wonderful research and creative writing on display in this edition and that they can begin to convey the excitement we feel about research in the humanities and its potential to address important issues of the present both direly and through reflections on the past.

In this edition:

Editor’s Introduction, by Graham Tulloch FAHA

Being Humane – A Contested History, The 50th Annual Academy Lecture, by Joy Damousi FASSA FAHA

Maya Waabiny: Mobilising Song Archives to Nourish and Endangered Language, The 9th Hancock Lecture, by Clint Bracknell

The Humanities in Service of Empire, by Dirk Baltzly FAHA

Multiple Modernities: An Art History of ‘The Asian Modern’, by John Clark FAHA

Legacies of East German Communism: Thoughts from Germany During the Covid-19 Pandemic, by Alison Lewis FAHA

The Clash of Ideologies, Classes and Personalities in Rome of the Second Century BCE, The 21st Trendall Lecture, J. Lea Beness and Tom Hillard 

Monumental Discovery Narratives and Deep History,  by Ann McGrath AM FASSA FAHA

Soldier Beauties and Sailor Sons in Republican China, by Louise Edwards FASSA FHKAH FAHA

About Sending Letters – an excerpt from Carpentaria, by Alexis Wright FAHA

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About the image

The featured image is from the cover showing detail of Joy Damousi’s family migrating to Australia in 1965 from Florina, Greece. Reproduced with permission from Joy Damousi.