ANA calls for a 21st century approach in submission to parliamentary inquiry into creative and cultural institutions

AAH News A New Approach

A New Approach (ANA) has released its submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry, Creative and Cultural Institutions: Securing economic, social and cultural benefits for all Australians with a 21st century approach to culture and creativity.

ANA strongly supports the broad scope of this inquiry, inclusive of cultural and creative industries and institutions, and making particular mention of Indigenous, regional, rural and community-based organisations.

Middle Australians – middle-aged, middle-income, swing voters – have told ANA that imagination, belonging and inspiration all grows out of engagement with arts, culture and creativity. They believe that these opportunities are fundamental to being Australian, and even to being human.

The submission recommends the following three actions to this inquiry for consideration, designed to improve access and participation opportunities for all Australians; inform a contemporary approach to cultural and creative industry development; and address Covid-19 recovery.

  1. Champion a National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan
  2. Initiate a Productivity Commission inquiry into the role of creativity in 21st century industry development, jobs and innovation
  3. Develop a targeted industry package in the May 2021 federal budget to pilot and/or scale-up digitally rich ‘antifragile’ business models suitable for a with-Covid environment for the cultural and creative industries.

The full ANA submission can be found here.