Government package for Australian arts, culture and entertainment welcomed

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As Australia charts a path beyond the COVID-19 lockdown, independent arts and culture think tank A New Approach (ANA) has welcomed today’s announcement from the Federal Government of a targeted financial package to get our arts, culture and entertainment industry up and running again.

ANA Program Director Kate Fielding said ‘The Federal Government’s $250 million injection throws a lifeline that is urgently needed in this sector.

‘We welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to lead National Cabinet discussions about the next steps to get events, tours and venues operating around the country again. This, along with the announcements of targeted packages for arts and culture from state and territory governments around the country, is an encouraging sign that these different levels of government understand the need for leadership and action. The establishment of a Creative Economy Taskforce announced by the Prime Minister is another meaningful step.

‘With the recent and unsurprising news that Australia is in recession for the first time in 29 years, this package and the associated announcements creates an important opportunity for investment in the creative and cultural sector to stimulate activity and drive employment as well as build community confidence.

‘We are especially heartened that the federal government’s arts and culture package is giving priority to activities that bring people together, such as events and festivals. It will assist those who are impacted most directly and help ensure the millions of Australians right across the country who think arts and culture is central to the Australian way of life will share the benefits of this new investment.

‘After all these weeks and months of isolation, we are all seeking a return to some sort of normality and hope for the future – and our love of arts, culture and creativity will be at the heart of that.
‘Studies from around the world show that cultural and creative activities improve community connectivity and help individuals recover from the sort of disasters and traumas we have experienced over the past six months. The announcement today will help arts and culture to do this important work,’ Ms Fielding said.

Just last month, A New Approach released A view from middle Australia: Perceptions of arts, culture and creativity, based on focus groups with middle-aged, middle-income swing voters. It found that this cohort believe arts and cultural participation is essential to the Australian way life; from going to the cinema, catching a concert or a show, or sharing a fun community event or festival with family and friends. The people who participated in this latest research also spoke of the importance of arts and culture to mental health.

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