2019 Academy Book List

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It is our great pleasure to bring you the second annual Australian Academy of the Humanities Book List.

Launched in 2018, this initiative aims to celebrate and promote books published by the Fellowship and our grants and awards alumni within the last 18 months. Previously, the Academy’s flagship journal Humanities Australia has included an ‘Ex Libris’ section with images of a few of the many books published by Academy Fellows in the previous year. The Annual Academy Book List offers a much more extended display of books, and includes not just an image of the cover, but also a short synopsis, and a link to the publisher’s website.

The list of over 60 books covering the full spectrum of humanities disciplines is divided into four categories – authored and co-authored books, edited collections, books by our grants and awards alumni, and books that have been shortlisted for or have won prizes.

“The range of material in this year’s book list is enormous and the books listed here represent a massive contribution to Australian knowledge, culture and innovation” said Academy Editor Emeritus Professor Graham Tulloch FAHA. “It is wonderful to be able in the year of the Academy’s 50th Anniversary, when we look to past, present, and future, to see how much the humanities can contribute to the life of Australia and the wider world.”

We hope you enjoy reading and celebrating the vital, innovative and wide-ranging humanities scholarship produced by our Fellowship and the next generation of humanities scholars.

The next Annual Academy Book List will be launched in December 2020.