Eminent Australians reflect on humanising the past, present and future

AAH News Academy

On the occasion of our 50th Birthday, we are taking time to not only celebrate the contribution of the humanities to our national life, but also to consider all that they can offer as we enter a new era marked by rapid technological change, major environmental challenges and shifting ideas about what it means to be human.

To help us do this, we have called upon several of our Honorary and Corresponding Fellows—leaders in their field who have made a significant contribution to the humanities and the arts, and to cultural life in Australia and internationally—to offer their view on how the humanities disciplines have helped deepen our understanding of our past and present, how they will help ensure a humanised future, and what is really at the heart of the Academy’s motto—Humani nihil alienum — “nothing that is human is alien to me.”

See our website for reflections provided by the following eminent Australians:

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