Announcing the 2019 Humanities Travelling Fellowship recipients

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We are delighted to announce the recipients of this year’s Humanities Travelling Fellowships.

Our Humanities Travelling Fellowships (HTF) enable early career researchers (ECRs) to undertake research overseas, including accessing archives and other research materials and connecting with international researchers and networks. Since 1985, the Fellowships have  provided much-needed assistance and career development to promising ECRs and  strengthened collaborations and alliances between Australian and overseas researchers and institutions.

This year’s recipients will be travelling to universities, museums, libraries, archives and leading research institutions and facilities in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Italy, China, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Colombia.

President of the Academy, Professor Joy Damousi FASSA FAHA, congratulated this year’s Fellowship recipients, and noted the importance of investment in the next-generation leaders of Australia’s humanities community.  “The grants and awards are a key part of the Academy’s commitment to promoting outstanding excellence in humanities research” she said. “In our 50th Anniversary year, as we look to the future and the role of our disciplines in shaping it, it is particularly important to foster, nurture and support our early career researchers through this scheme.”

The Academy’s Awards Committee was once again impressed by the high number of outstanding applications, with Chair Professor Deirdre Coleman FAHA stating that the Committee had the “difficult but rewarding task of deciding between the many impressive applications from across a wide diversity of disciplines and approaches.”

We congratulate the following HTF recipients and are proud to support their projects:

Dr Alexis Bergantz, RMIT Across the Coral Sea: Trans-imperial Networks between Australia and New Caledonia, c.1890-1940

Dr Poppy de Souza, Griffith University Earwitnessing as Method: Slow Listening, Sonic Intimacy and Dwelling in Discomfort

Dr James Fraser, The University of Sydney The Archaeology of Olive Oil: Investigating Rural Complexity after Urban Collapse

Dr Johanna Hood, The University of New South Wales Vital Fluid: Evolving Social, Moral and Economic Values of Blood and Cadavers in China

Miss Shimona Kealy, The Australian National University The Prehistory of Cuscus (Phalangeridae) Distributions and Translocations in the Indo-Pacific

Dr Jarrad Paul, The University of New South Wales Early Humans in Malaysian Borneo: Faunal Remains and Museum Curation

Dr Laura Rodriguez Castro, Griffith University Advancing Peace and Conflict Studies from The Ground: Women’s Oral Testimonies and Historical Memory in Colombia

Dr Mia Spizzica, Deakin University The Italian Connection: Examining Evidence on Italian Civilians Interned in Australia During World War Two

Dr Josh Stenberg, The University of Sydney Chinese Performance in Late Colonial Dutch East Indies

Dr Clara Stockigt, The University of Adelaide The Historiography of Australian Aboriginal languages

Dr Yirga Woldeyes, Curtin University The Politics of Saving Endangered Knowledges in Africa: A case from Ethiopia

Dr Sarah Woodland, Griffith University Prison Voices: Exploring the Role of Theatre in Transforming Criminal Justice Systems in Settler-Colonial Nations

The 2019 recipient of the David Philips Travelling Fellowship is:

Dr Christina Kenny, The University of New England Post-Colonial Desires: East African Queer Identities in the Age of Human Rights