The Max Crawford Medal

Applications now open for the 2019 Crawford Medal

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The Max Crawford Medal is Australia’s most prestigious award for excellence and promise in the humanities. It is presented to an early career scholar, whose research and publications make an exceptional contribution to the understanding of their discipline by the general public.

The Medal celebrates the outstanding career of Academy Foundation Fellow Emeritus Professor R. M. (Max) Crawford OBE FAHA. Crawford was an eminent historian who greatly influenced the teaching of history in Australian universities and schools, as well being one of the founders of Historical Studies (the first academic journal dedicated to Australian history), the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies and the Australian Humanities Research Centre.

The Crawford Medal has been awarded since 1992 and recipients have gone on to forge strong careers in the Australian humanities community. Many previous winners of the Crawford Medal have subsequently become Fellows of the Academy, including Professor Kirsten McKenzie FAHA, Professor Glenda Sluga FAHA, Professor John Hajek FAHA, Professor Tom Griffiths AO FAHA, Professor Nicholas Thomas FAHA, Professor Hilary Fraser FAHA, and Professor Janet McCalman AC FASSA FAHA.

The joint winners of the 2018 Crawford Medal, Dr Raihan Ismail and Dr Ana Tanasoca, spoke of the importance of the Medal to their career development and to helping them promote their academic work. “The award will enhance my profile both in Australia and internationally, and help me to engage in academic and public policy debate in my fields of Middle Eastern politics and Islamic studies” said Dr Ismail. Dr Tanasoca echoed these sentiments, adding that “it is wonderful to have an institution of the stature of the Academy recognise the academic quality and public value of my research on the moral legitimacy of multiple citizenship. To be awarded the Crawford Medal is both a great personal honour and immense career boost for an early-career researcher.”

Applications for the Crawford Medal are now open and will close at AEST 5:00pm Monday April 15, 2019.

This award has been made possible by a generous bequest to the Academy by Professor Crawford.