Humanities Australia No. 9

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We are delighted to launch the ninth edition of Humanities Australia.

Established in 2010, Humanities Australia is the Academy’s flagship journal, showcasing some of the outstanding research and writing being carried out by our Fellows. It is an essential part of our commitment to supporting excellence in the humanities and communicating their value to the public.

The articles in this year’s edition span a number of disciplines, including cultural and communication studies, philosophy, literary studies, digital humanities, classical studies, European and Australian history, and Asian studies. Yet as in previous years, a common theme emerges. Each article in this edition engages the idea of ‘mapping’ – whether it be inter-cultural relationships and knowledges, physical territory, emotional experience, public opinion, political agenda, literary history, theatrical landscape, or the terrain of a battlefield. Collectively and individually, the articles in this edition demonstrate the role the humanities can play in understanding how we chart our inner and outer worlds.

In keeping with our ongoing support of the next generation of humanities scholars and practitioners, this year’s issue includes the work of two early career researchers, our joint 2016 Max Crawford Medallists Dr Louise Richardson-Self and Dr David McInnis. It also features edited versions of two of our key lectures, the Triebel Lecture and the annual Academy Lecture, providing a platform for a wider audience to engage with the inspiring, powerful and compelling ideas presented in those addresses.

In this edition:

Editors’ Introduction, by Graham Tulloch FAHA

Not Just Warriors or Victims, the 48th Annual Academy Lecture, by Kim Scott FAHA

Museum Transactions: Negotiating Knowledges, Governing Cultures, Tony Bennett AsCC FAHA

Same-Sex Marriage and the “No” Campaign, by Louise Richardson-Self

Shakespeare and Lost Plays, by David McInnis

The Battleground of Troy in the Mind’s Eye: Homer’s Landscape of War, by Elizabeth Minchin FAHA

Romadur and Kummel, a poem by Philip Mead FAHA  

Myth-Making for the Empire: Germany’s Colony in China 1897-1914 by Yixu Lu FAHA

Moving Objects: Reading the Emotions of Japanese Christian Exiles in Batavia by Susan Broomhall FAHA

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About the image

The featured image is from the cover showing detail of Galliput’s sketch of a native encampment, 1833, reproduced with permission from the National Archives Kew, UK, CO18-13 f347.