Australian Academy of the Humanities Media Release

Announcing ‘A New Approach’ program for arts and culture

AAH News Media release

The Australian Academy of the Humanities welcomes the opportunity to work alongside Newgate Communications to deliver a new $1.65M program for the arts and cultural sector in Australia.

The Myer Foundation, the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and the Keir Foundation today announced that the Academy and Newgate have been engaged to deliver the New Approach program.

In December 2016, the three Foundations jointly called for expressions of interest to address Australia’s absence of a public, expert, independent voice capable of championing investment and return in arts and culture:

“Defending and promoting the benefit of intellectual and creative life as a critical crucible of the national future is proving to be increasingly difficult. Australia needs an informed, independent entity which has the necessary resources and public authority to advance a coherent, comprehensive policy position from which we might build better political and institutional settings and allied public commentary.”

The New Approach program aims to address this critical need, and will move forward under the direction of a yet-to-be appointed Program Director, who will work with the Foundations, the Academy, and Newgate Communications.

Evidence-based research will be a central tenet of the program, and the Academy’s contribution will be integral in this approach. The Academy looks forward to working with Newgate and the three Foundations on this imaginative and exciting new venture for the arts and cultural sector in Australia. We are delighted to be party to a new model of philanthropic support for a sector whose vitality and longevity is critical to the future of our nation.

Program Director

Egon Zehnder have agreed to undertake the recruitment process for the Program Director role in a pro-bono capacity and their generous commitment to this project is deeply appreciated. Fiona McGauchie will oversee the process for Egon Zehnder and enquiries regarding the Program Director can be made direct with her at

Further details

On appointment of the Program Director, further details of the program will be announced.