Grants and Awards

Announcing our 2017 grants and awards recipients

AAH News Media release

We are delighted to announce the recipients of this year’s Humanities Travelling Fellowships (including the David Philips Travelling Fellowship), Publication Subsidy Scheme and Ernst and Rosemarie Keller Award.

The grants support humanities scholars and researchers to collaborate with international colleagues, conduct research across a broad range of disciplines, and assist with the costs associated with publication of research. President of the Academy, Professor John Fitzgerald FAHA, warmly congratulated this year’s recipients. “Our grants and awards are a crucial part of the Academy’s ongoing commitment to promote excellence in scholarship and research”, he said, “and to assist the next generation of Australian humanities academics to establish their careers.”

The Academy’s Awards Committee was impressed by the high number of outstanding applications, noting that they were presented with “an exceptional range of projects of the highest quality, covering a wide diversity of disciplines, approaches and fields.”

We congratulate the following recipients and are proud to support their projects:

Humanities Travelling Fellowships

Dr Alexandra Robinson, Charles Sturt University — Enemies of the Jesus Movement: Using the Rhetoric of Invective to Examine Confrontational Discourse in Early Christian Literature

Dr Alix Beeston, United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney — Unfinished: The Misadventures of Literary and Cultural History

Dr Anne Rees, La Trobe University — The Limits of Blood Brotherhood: United States Immigration Restriction and White British Subjects, 1921-1940

Dr Arjun Subrahmanyan, Murdoch University — Democracy and Power in Modern Thailand

Dr Claire Cooke, University of Western Australia — Man Made Mission? Race, Prejudice and Masculinity in South Africa During the Early Days of Apartheid

Dr Deanne Gannaway, Institute for Learning and Teaching Innovation at the University of Queensland — Tracing the Evolution of Bachelor of Arts Programs from Colonial Roots

Dr Emilie Dotte-Sarout, Australian National University — A Tale of Polynesian Prehistory: Investigating the History of Polynesian Archaeology, in French Polynesia’s Archival Records, Collections and Personal Histories

Dr Helen Bones, Western Sydney University — Trans-Tasman Educational Publishing Networks and Australian Literary Nation-Building

Dr Jinghong Zhang, Australian Centre on China in the World at the Australian National University — Comparing Wine and Tea Drinking in China

Dr Kyle Harvey, University of Melbourne — ‘Nuclear Migrants’: Activism, Mobility, and the Transnational Left

Dr Tristan Moss, University of New South Wales — An Accident of Geography: Australia and the Exploitation and Exploration of Space

David Philips Travelling Fellowship

Dr Georgia Wallace-Crabbe,  Australian Film, Television and Radio School and the University of Technology Sydney — Memories of the Struggle

Publication Subsidy Scheme

Dr Adelina Modesti, La Trobe University — Women’s Patronage and Gendered Cultural Networks in Early Modern Europe: Vittoria della Rovere Grand Duchess of Tuscany (1622-1694)

Dr Alix Beeston, United States Studies Centre of the University of Sydney — In and Out of Sight: Modernist Writing and the Photographic Unseen.

Dr Jessica Priebe, National Art School —  François Boucher and the Luxury of Art in Paris, 1703-1770: Artist, Collector, and Connoisseur.

Dr Luke Keogh, Deakin University — The Plant Box

Dr Lynne Swarts, University of Sydney — Gender, Nation, and Orientalism in Early Zionist Art: the Female Images of E.M. Lilien.

Ernst and Rosemarie Keller Award

Professor Anna Haebich FASSA FAHA, Curtin University — Collectors and Collections

Dr Donna West Brett, University of Sydney — Photography and Surveillance in Divided Germany

Applications for the next round of grants and awards will be opened in February 2018. Information will be posted on our website closer to that time. We encourage you to subscribe to our e-newsletter to receive regular news and updates from the Academy.