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The humanities explore how we experience, understand and describe our world and our place in it.
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"Trans-regional and multi-site research takes time and resources. The Travelling Fellowship enabled a crucial international chapter in my research."

Travelling Fellowship

Dr Natasha Wheatley, Humanities Travelling Fellowship 2016 recipient for ‘Living and Dying in International Law: Sovereignty, Time and the International Afterlives of the Austro-Hungarian Empire’



“The Publication Subsidy helped populate and richly illustrate Sydney’s hidden Aboriginal history with pictures of real people and places, bringing the story to life.”

Publication Subsidy

Dr Paul Irish, Publication Subsidy recipient 2016 for ‘Hidden In Plain View: The Aboriginal People of Coastal Sydney’



“The Crawford Medal is an incredible mark of esteem for early career scholars. It has significantly boosted my national and international profile.”

Crawford Medal

Dr Louise Richardson-Self, co-recipient of the 2016 Crawford Medal for achievement and promise by an early career researcher in the humanities.