The Australian Academy of the Humanities today welcomed the release of the ERA 2015 report, which demonstrates outstanding results for research in the humanities.

“The 2015 evaluation builds on the impressive results of ERA 2012,” said Professor John Fitzgerald FAHA, President of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

“Once again, humanities disciplines feature in the list of Australia’s National Research Strengths, with cultural studies, literary studies, historical studies and philosophy performing exceptionally well in the ERA audit,” he said.

“The overwhelming majority of Australian research in the humanities is at – or significantly above – world-class standard, with History and Archaeology performing well above world standard at five or more universities.”

“This is a particularly impressive performance for our disciplines,” said Professor Fitzgerald, “even more so when you consider teaching loads, with a higher proportion of teaching and research staff to research-only staff in these disciplines.”

“Researchers in the humanities deserve to be very proud of their efforts,” said Professor Fitzgerald, “and it is clearly in the national interest to see research in these disciplines thrive, as they are central to understanding and responding to some of the greatest challenges of our time.”

The Academy also strongly supports the use of peer review for the humanities disciplines. It endorses the principles outlined in the Leiden Manifesto, which stresses the need for balance between data and expert judgement in any research evaluation process.

“The Australian Research Council is to be congratulated for the 2015 ERA National Report,” said Professor Fitzgerald. “It is a rich and rigorous data resource for the sector.”
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