McCredie Musicological Award

The award is granted on the basis of work which leads to outstanding contribution in musicology by an Australian scholar. The scholar must be under forty years of age at the closing date of the call for nominations in the year when the award is made. The McCredie Award is offered every three or four years, as per the terms of the bequest.

2015 Recipient Announced

David IrvingThe Academy is delighted to announce that Dr David Irving of The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at The University of Melbourne has been awarded the 2015 McCredie Musicological Award, Australia’s most prestigious award for a distinguished contribution to musicology.

Dr Irving’s research combines multifaceted interests in historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and performance practice, to examine two main areas: (1) The performance of music between c.1550–c.1800; and (2) the role of music in intercultural exchange, colonialism, and globalisation in the early modern period, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia. His work has already made new discoveries about the impact of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonialism on music cultures in the Philippines and the Malay-Indonesian archipelago, c.1500–c.1850. Read more >>

Previous Recipients

Dr Michael Hooper, The University of New South Wales, for his research on the music of David Lumsdaine.

2008 (inaugural award): Dr Grantley McDonald, for his doctoral thesis Orpheus Germanicus: Metrical Music and the Reception of Marsilio Ficino’s Poetics and Music theory in Renaissance Germany, awarded by the University of Melbourne in 2002.

This award celebrates the outstanding career of the late Professor Andrew McCredie FAHA, Fellow of the Academy and eminent musicologist, who greatly influenced the teaching of music in Australian universities and schools. The award is funded through the proceeds of a bequest to the Academy by Professor McCredie.

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