Ernst and Rosemarie Keller Award

Applications for the 2017 Ernst & Rosemarie Keller Award are now open.

Professor Ernst KellerThe Ernst & Rosemarie Keller Award supports the research activities of scholars residing in Australia whose research is concerned with German history, literature, language, politics or culture, or German contributions to the history, literature, languages, politics or culture of either Australia or the Asia-Pacific region.

A maximum of $5000 will be granted for convening workshops, travelling fellowships and/or masterclasses.

Ernst Keller FAHA was a scholar of German and Comparative Literature. In 2007, Ernst’s wife Rosemarie Keller gave the Academy a generous bequest to commemorate his distinguished academic career. Formerly offered as part of our Humanities Travelling Fellowships, an updated Ernst & Rosemarie Keller Award was established in 2014.

How to apply

Applications for the Ernst & Rosemarie Keller Award must be submitted via the SmartyGrants online application system.

Please note: SmartyGrants allows users to save and return to their applications.

Applications close at 5pm AEST on Wednesday March 29 2017.

All applications must include the following information (updated 20 March 2017):
  • an outline of the research activity (maximum 1500 words)
  • an itemised budget specifying how the Award will be utilised
For Travelling Fellowships Applications include:
  • a copy of the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae, including details of relevant publications (maximum 3 pages)
  • a certified copy of the transcript of the applicant’s highest degree
  • references from two qualified academics – either supply written references or we will contact nominated referees. Please note that referees should not be from the applicant’s department or division
For Workshop Applications include:
  • a copy of the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae, including details of relevant publications (maximum 2 pages)
For Masterclass Applications include:
  • (if available) a formal letter of invitation to the proposed visiting scholar
  • (if available) a letter of acceptance from the proposed visiting scholar


Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia, whose principal place of residence is in Australia. Applicants must also be working in the Humanities, defined as those discipline areas for which the Academy is responsible: Archaeology; Asian Studies; Classical Studies; English; European Languages and Cultures; History; Linguistics; Philosophy and the History of Ideas; Religion; Cultural and Communication Studies; and The Arts.

Please see the Rules of the Award and Frequently Asked Questions for further details regarding eligibility.


Applications are assessed by the Academy’s Awards Committee. The proposed projects will be assessed on the rigour of their content, their likely impact within a specialist academic community and the wider community, their significance to existing research in the fields identified in the objectives of the programme, and how efficiently they will make use of the available funding.

In accordance with the goals of the Academy as set out in its Royal Charter, support will be given to projects that advance knowledge in the Humanities.

Notification of outcome

Applicants will be notified 6–8 weeks after the closing date of the scheme.

Applications now open

Applications for the 2017 Ernst & Rosemarie Keller Award are now open. Please click here to apply. Applications close at 5pm AEST on Wednesday 29 March 2017.

Further information

For further information on the Ernst and Rosemarie Keller Award, or to subscribe to the Grants Mailing List, please contact the Programme Manager or call the Academy on (02) 6125 9860.
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