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The Australian Academy of the Humanities has 593 Fellows; 46 are Corresponding Fellows, and 86 are Honorary Fellows.

The approved abbreviation or post-nominal for a Fellow is FAHA.

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Ms. Robyn Holmes FAHA
National Library of Australia
Year Elected to the Academy: 2010
Discipline: Honorary
Expertise: The preservation and propagation of Australian music

Robyn Holmes is Senior Curator, Pictures & Manuscripts, and formerly Curator of Music and Head of the Music and Dance Branch at the National Library of Australia. She also holds the positions of Deputy Chair of the Music Council of Australia and President of the International Association of Music Libraries and Archives. She has played a major role in envisaging and directing one of the most significant developments in the preservation and propagation of Australian music, the online service Music Australia. She has also taken scholarship from the confines of musicological academy to the public arena in numerous talks, conferences, performances and publications.
Posted in: Honorary
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