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Professor John Makeham FAHA
La Trobe University
Qualifications: BA(Hons)(ANU), MA(ANU), PhD(ANU)
Year Elected to the Academy: 2009
Discipline: Asian Studies
Expertise: Chinese philosophy; Chinese intellectual history; Confucian history.

John Makeham is Chair and Director of the China Studies Research Centre at La Trobe University. He is a specialist in Chinese intellectual history with a particular interest in Confucian philosophy. He has held academic positions at Victoria University of Wellington, University of Adelaide, National Taiwan University and The Australian National University. In 2005 he was awarded the Joseph Levenson Book Prize for his monograph, Transmitters and Creators: Chinese Commentators and Commentaries on the Analects. He is editor of the monograph series, Modern Chinese Philosophy (Brill), and is a past President of the Australasian Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy. In 2015, with Emeritus Professor Mackerras, they became the first Australians to be awarded the Special Book Award of China.
Posted in: Asian Studies
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