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Professor Ien Ang FAHA
Western Sydney University
[email protected]
Qualifications: PhD (University of Amsterdam), MPhil (Doctorandus) (University of Amsterdam), BA (Kandidaats) Psychology, (University of Amsterdam)
Year Elected to the Academy: 2000
Discipline: Cultural & Communication Studies, Asian Studies
Expertise: Cultural and communication studies

Professor Ien Ang is Distinguished Professor of Cultural Studies and Director of the Centre for Cultural Research at Western Sydney University, which she founded in 2001. Educated at the University of Amsterdam, she is one of the leaders in cultural studies worldwide, with transdisciplinary work spanning many areas of the humanities and social sciences. Her work deals broadly with patterns of cultural flow and exchange in our globalised world, focusing on issues such as the formation of audiences and publics; the politics of identity and difference; migration, ethnicity and multiculturalism in Australia and Asia; and issues of representation in contemporary cultural institutions.

Her books include Watching Dallas (1985), Desperately Seeking the Audience (1991), On Not Speaking Chinese (2001) and The Art of Engagement: Culture, Collaboration, Innovation (2011). As director of CCR, Professor Ang has promoted a university research culture which combines theoretically directed research with a practical emphasis on collaboration and industry engagement. In this context she has worked extensively with several state and local government entities, community organisations and cultural institutions in Australia including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Special Broadcasting Service and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Professor Ang has been the recipient of an Australian Research Council Professorial Fellowship (2005-2010) for a research programme entitled ‘Cultural Research for the 21st Century: Building Cultural Intelligence for a Complex World’
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