The Triebel Lecture

Studies in Modern European Languages

Prof L A Triebel photoThe Louis Triebel Lecture, inaugurated in 1986, is presented approximately every three years. It honours Professor L.A. Triebel (1890–1985), a Foundation Fellow, and is funded through a bequest to the Academy upon his death in 1985.

The Triebel Lectures are generally themed in the area of modern European languages (i.e., other than English), a field which reflects the expertise of Professor Triebel, who was Chair in Modern Languages at the University of Tasmania.

The Triebel Lectures are conventionally given at the time of the Academy's annual Symposium. Lectures presented between 1970 and 2009 were published in Proceedings. From 2010, lectures can be found in Humanities Australia.

2015 Triebel Lecture

Transforming university language learning in the 21st Century: is there a special role for European languages?
Presented by Professor Anne Pauwels FASSA as part of the 3rd National Colloquium of the Languages and Cultures Network for Australian Universities

The discourses of globalisation and marketisation (of higher education) as well as the developments in communication technologies and mobility patterns have given rise to new environments and contexts for learning and using other languages. They have also had an impact on the learners whose linguistic biographies are much more heterogeneous. The lecture investigates how university language education in Anglophone societies has reacted/is reacting both conceptually and structurally to reflect these developments. It will pay particular attention to how these changes affect the teaching of European languages and whether their expansive history as ‘foreign’ languages provides them with key role in the transformative processes.

Professor Anne Pauwels FASSA is Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Cultures, Chair of the Department of Linguistics, Professor of Sociolinguistics and Director, London Confucius Institute at SOAS, University of London. She has a distinguished history with Australia where she was Executive Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Linguistics, University of Western Australia from 2001–2009. Professor Anne Pauwels is a leader in research into several areas including maintenance of minority languages – of particular interest for the Australian context – gender, language and identity construction, and challenges presented by globalisation for language teaching and learning.

Previous Triebel Lectures

  • 2011: Professor Glenn Withers AO FASSA, Creating a Languages Future: How Australia Can Be World Best Practice In Languages Education
  • 2009: Professor Peter Høj FTSE, Can we afford to be without without Multilingualism? (published in Humanities Australia)
  • 2005: Professor Cary Nelson, Globalisation, Piecework and the Future of the Humanities
  • 2001: Professor Anthony Stephens FAHA, From de Sade to Stephen King: The Literary Aesthetics of Evil
  • 1996: Dr Marie Thérèse Barbaux-Couper, The Perfect Match? Information Technology and the Modern Language Curriculum
  • 1993: Professor John Lindow, Interpreting Baldr, the Dying God
  • 1990: Professor Gerhard Sauer, Europe Between the Languages
  • 1986: Professor Keith V. Sinclair, Laplace at Hobart Town and Sydney Town in 1831: The Humanism of a French Naval Captain

2015 Triebel Lecture

Transforming university language learning in the 21st Century: is there a special role for European languages?
Professor Anne Pauwels FASSA, Professor of Sociolinguistics at SOAS; Director, London Confucius Institute, University of London

4-5pm Thurs 26 November 2015

Y3A Theatre, Faculty of Arts
Macquarie University, North Ryde
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