The Annual Academy Lecture

Every year the Academy invites a Fellow to deliver the Annual Academy Lecture. Lectures presented between 1970 and 2009 were published in Proceedings. From 2010, the Academy Lecture can be found in Humanities Australia.

The 2013 Academy Lecture

Professor Peter Hiscock FSA FAHA,Tom Austen Brown Professor of Australian Archaeology, The University of Sydney. 

Creators or Destroyers: The Burning Questions of Human Impact in Ancient Aboriginal Australia

Did Aboriginal people create an Eden-like estate or did they destroy the delicately balanced natural ecosystem they found in Australia? Popular visions and current concerns about human impacts in the modern world are paralleled by theories of earlier human impacts. In Australia these concerns have been translated into visions of the role of Aboriginal people within the Australian landscape. Those roles are subject to both academic and popular debate, and those debates are the context of tensions between the Humanities and the Sciences. This talk critiques some of the latest theories and discoveries to reveal the intellectual biases and analytical constraints that underpin these debates. Pre-European Aboriginal economic, ecological and social practices have often been depicted in terms of stability and uniformity, and yet the emerging archaeological and environmental evidence reveals dynamic ancient worlds and lives shaped by change operating at multiple scales. The magnitude of change that we can recognise in Aboriginal Australia prior to the arrival of Europeans challenges static and idealist stories of Australia’s human past.

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Event Details

The lecture took place on 9 August 2013 at the Webb Lecture Theatre, The University of Western Australia.

The Academy gratefully acknowledges the support of The University of Western Australia.

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