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The Academy’s 45th Annual Symposium, ‘Look It Up: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Atlases’, will be held on 20–21 November 2014 at The Australian National University in Canberra.

The Symposium will explore historical and contemporary approaches to information access and knowledge construction, through dictionaries, encyclopedias and atlases. It will demonstrate how the traditional print formats are increasingly used as online interfaces to multimodal, multifaceted information, suggesting new ways to understand the known world and supporting fresh kinds of research. The program will showcase the work of Australian and international scholars in linguistic atlases, cultural encyclopedias and multimodal dictionaries, which not only transcend the boundaries between the traditional formats, but provide a vehicle for many interdisciplinary ventures within humanities and beyond.

Key themes to be explored include:
  • Research and development in established print formats, and the open-ended possibilities provided online
  • New approaches to the preservation of cultural content and expression
  • Multimodal forms of information delivery across the humanities and social sciences, from family law and natural history to Indigenous knowledge

2014 Academy Lecture by Academy President Lesley Johnson AM FAHA

Generosity and the Institutions of the Humanities
In this lecture, Emeritus Professor Lesley Johnson AM FAHA will reflect on some of the changes that have occurred within three institutions – the research library, the university and the learned academy – and how they have been reshaping our ways of working and thinking about ourselves as humanities scholars in recent decades. Click here for further details.

Public Lecture by Simon Winchester OBE

This year's Symposium includes a free public lecture by international author Simon Winchester OBE entitled 'The Pedant, the Precise and the Pacific'.

Plenary Session: Mapping the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences in Australia project

This project is an extensive data-mapping exercise charting Australia’s current capabilities in the humanities, arts and social sciences. It has been undertaken by the Australian Academy of the Humanities and the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, with co-funding from the Office of the Chief Scientist and the Department of Industry. The project's report will be launched in late October, and project leader Professor Graeme Turner FAHA will present the findings at this plenary session.
The convenors of the 45th Annual Symposium are Professor Kate Burridge FAHA, Associate Professor John Kinder FAHA and Emeritus Professor Pam Peters FAHA.

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