The Academy’s 46th Annual Symposium will explore new frontiers in humanities research centred on intersections between objects and timescales. Scholars from across various disciplines will investigate the ways in which the material world is used, shaped and negotiated over timescales of vastly differing depths. Expanding beyond texts and visual media, materiality also encompasses memories, objects and landscapes. Histories that draw on this broader palette offer new means of envisioning the past, including novel conceptions about ‘Deep Time’ or ‘Big History’.

The Symposium will address a wide range of perspectives on time and materiality in the fields of art practice, cultural studies, philosophy, history, linguistics, heritage, and archaeology. The intersections between these varied perspectives will provide a forum for productive discussion and debate.

The convenors of the 46th Annual Symposium are Dr Robin Torrence FAHA and Dr Anne Clarke.

Events at a glance

Intersections at the
Quarantine Station

Wed 25 Nov
Quarantine Station
Sydney Harbour National
Park, Manly
2015 Symposium
Day 1

Thurs 26 Nov
9am–5pm VSCC Lecture Theatre 208
[Session 3 in the Macleay &
Nicholson Museums]
Symposium Reception
Thurs 26 Nov
Nicholson Museum
2015 Symposium
Day 2
Fri 27 Nov 9am–3:30pm
VSCC Lecture Theatre 208
New Fellows’ Drinks
By invitation only
Fri 27 Nov 6pm–7pm
The Refectory, Holme Building
2015 Fellows’ Dinner
Fellows only
Fri 27 Nov 7pm–10:30pm
The Refectory, Holme Building
2015 Section Meetings
Fellows only
Sat 28 Nov From 8:30am–12pm
Teachers’ College Seminar Rooms
2015 AGM
Fellows only
Sat 28 Nov 1pm–3pm
VSCC Lecture Theatre 208
The Academy gratefully acknowledges support for this year’s Symposium from our Sponsors.



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Jacky Redgate, 'Mirrors' artworkASSOCIATED EVENT

The MIRROR WORKS of Jacky Redgate

University Art Gallery · The University of Sydney · Room 105, R.D. Watt Building A04, Science Road
3 Oct – 27 Nov 2015
Curator: Dr Ann Stephen FAHA

Staged and animated mirrors, objects and rebounding light in a series of photographic and sculptural propositions.

Image: Jacky Redgate, Mirrors (transcription from Ralph Balson Painting, 1941) 2009–12. Courtesy Arc One Gallery, Melbourne, and William Wright, Artists Projects, Sydney.
Banner image credits, left to right: Rock carving, Former Quarantine Station, North Head, Sydney [Courtesy M. Wilson]; Rock Art, MacDonnell Ranges, Central Australia [Courtesy P. Hiscock FAHA]; Page from Robert Hooke’s Micrographia, 1665: cropped, rotated & included in collage [OU History of Science Collection on Flickr; CC BY-SA 2.0]; Oscar Wilde’s tomb, Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France [Courtesy P. Hiscock FAHA].
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