Donating to the Academy

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, the Academy deeply appreciates the support of generous benefactors whose donations have assisted the Academy's vital work in promoting the importance of humanities in Australia. The Academy welcomes the opportunity to involve individuals and corporations to assist it in recognising, encouraging, and supporting excellence in the humanities.

Your donation or bequest can be applied to purposes that are consistent with the Academy's objectives. The Academy's Crawford Medal, which recognises excellence of emerging scholars in the humanities, is one example of how past bequests continue to support the humanities. The David Philips Humanities Travelling Fellowship is another example of how donations can help support the work of early career researchers.

Donations to the general work of the Academy are also immensely valuable, allowing your money to be directed to areas of strategic need. Such donations will assist, for instance, with the production of the Academy's flagship journal, Humanities Australia, and with our Publication Subsidy Scheme, providing vital assistance for humanities researchers to publish their work.


By considering the Academy in your Will, you will make a lasting contribution to assist the Academy to promote and strengthen the humanities in Australia. Substantial gifts may be associated in some conspicuous manner with the name of the benefactor.

A simple bequest may be expressed as follows: I bequeath the sum of $ (or part or all of the residue of my estate) to the Australian Academy of the Humanities to be applied for the purposes of the Academy (or as directed).

For those considering a bequest for a specific purpose, the Academy would be very pleased to discuss the intention of the bequest at any time. If you have already included the Academy in your Will, we would appreciate the opportunity to say 'thank you'.

Tax Deductibility

Donations to the Australian Academy of the Humanities are tax deductible under Section 78(1) (a) (1xxxvi) and the Academy is exempt from paying income tax under Section 23(e) of the Income Tax Assessment Act (1936).


All benefactions are acknowledged on the Academy's website unless the donor requests confidentiality.


Depending on the type and amount of the intended donation or bequest, donors should consider taking advice from their solicitor, accountant, or financial adviser. The Academy's elected Officers and its staff will be pleased to answer questions, and can help define an appropriate purpose for any gift.

Further Information

For further information, or to discuss a donation, gift of property or bequest, please contact the President or the Honorary Secretary via the Secretariat.

Major Benefactors

Donation Form

A donation form is available [.pdf 2MB]

Terms of Bequests

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