National Scholarly Communications Forum Archive

March 2003 | Sydney
In association with the Australian Academy of the Humanities and the Australian Research Council.

The 16th Roundtable debated new publishing formats and media and challenges and opportunities for scholarly book publishing.

Programme [.pdf 152kb]


Death of the Book? Overview [.pdf 637kb]
Colin Steele
Death of the Book [.pdf 60kb]
Janet McCalman
A Crisis? What Crisis? [.pdf 147kb]
John Hartley
Death of the Book? [.pdf 276kb]
Robin Derricourt
Is the Scholarly Book Dead? [.pdf 3mb]
Paul Reekie

Prospero’s Cell: Conjuring up a Book.
Television, Regulation & Civil Society in Asia
[.pdf 1.6mb]
Philip Kitley

Going Digital [.pdf 54kb]
Angela Ndalianis
The Pod Concept [.pdf 695kb]
Greg Bain
EPICS and the Higher Education Sector [.pdf 284kb] together with Notes [.pdf 250kb]
Richard Vines

How Do We Value and Measure Academic Research Publishing? [.pdf 1mb]
Linda Butler
How U.S. Institutions and Researchers Value Academic Research Publishing [.pdf 180kb]
José-Marie Griffiths

The Publication Count: A DEST Officer’s Perspective [.pdf 190kb]
Ian Lucas
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